About the Agency

Public Management Agency is an agency engaged in the implementation of state policy in civil service terms. Our mission is to serve the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of civil service. The fundamental law that defines how Public Management Agency legitimately operates is Law on the Civil Service.

Public Management Agency has been an agency authorised by the Government organizes centralized competitions for the posts of heads of agencies and career civil servants. It is reponsible for selecting the staff to work for all institutuons and agencies of Lithuania including about 500 state and municipal institutions and agencies with more than 24,000 civil servants. The rest of those recruited in state and municipal institutions and agencies are statutory civil servants, civil servants of political (personal) confidence, prosecutors, statutory heads of institutions and contract employees (they usually perform economic or technical functions and less often provides expert advice). Their selection is decentralised.


  • Methodological assisstance and consultation on implementation of Law on the Civil Service and related legal acts;  
  • Training for civil servants;
  • The public dissemination of information on vacant posts in international organisations and EU institutions to which persons from Lithuania may be seconded and the selection of applicants to those posts. The principles of the secondment of persons to international institutions and institutions of the European Union or foreign institutions are set in Law on Seconment of Persons to International EU Institutions or Foreign Institutions. Secondment shall be co-ordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The public dissemination of information on the possibilities for improving the qualifications of civil servants in international or foreign institutions and the selection of a civil servant to improve their qualifications in international or foreign institutions;
  • Others.

Centralised Competitions

Public Management Agency’s role is to serve the Lithuanian institutions and agencies by organizing high quality, transparent and effective selection procedures that result in recruiting the right person for the specific position. During the first year of centralised competitions (2019) Public Management Agency processed 23 468 applications for 2457 places (competitions). This assumes about 8.3 applications per competition.

In Lithuania all competitions to the civil service are published openly on a special website. In order for an application to be valid and considered eligible, the applicant is required to create an account in the civil service information system, fill in the personal and CV information. There applicants put in their applications and related documents: diploma of education, supporting documents of professional experience in certain field, etc.

So as to ensure greater transparency and public confidence the selection commission shall be composed of representatives of institution seeking the civil servant and the representatives from Public Management Agency. In addition, competitions can be observed by the representatives from the trade unions or public organisations. This possibility is laid down by the Government. In specialist level competitions the selection board scores the applicants in accordance with selection criteria and decides upon one best performed applicant. For the head of an agency, deputy head of an agency and head of division two best applicants are selected. The appointing authority shall adopt the final decision which of the two applicants shall be recruited to the civil service.

Competitions can be conducted both lively and remotely. During the COVID-19 pandemic, all competitions to the civil service were carried out remotely, with more than 400 remote competitions being organised over several months. These days, about half of the published competitions are being held online.

The results of recent survey indicate that 76% applicants see the centralised selection system as transparent.

Last updated: 22-11-2023